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September 17, 2019,

Spotlight on Issaquah Caregiver: Agapia Rumpel

Fieldstone Memory Care of Issaquah is delighted to introduce our newest team member to the world at large. Caregiver Agapia Rumpel started working here last month, following in the footsteps of her mother Marioara, who's been our Medical Technician on weekends for nearly a year. 

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August 28, 2019,

Great Place to Work

We are pleased to announce that Fieldstone has been honored as one of the top 50 2019 Best Workplaces for Aging Services!

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August 21, 2019,

Senior Living, Memory Care, Assisted Living, Social Wellness

Stay “in the loop” with LifeLoop

Here at Fieldstone Communities, we know that one of the biggest needs in senior living today is finding ways for residents to stay connected and engaged with family members. Studies show that family engagement can have a direct impact on the long-term health of seniors in residential living communities.

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August 13, 2019,

Resident Spotlight

Spotlight: Meet Albert Ku, Resident of Fieldstone Cornell Landing

Albert Ku is of Chinese heritage and has lived in Michigan for most of his life until retiring to Portland to be with his children and grandchildren. Albert and his wife, Jane, have been married for over 50 years. He has two daughters, Natalie and Elizabeth. His grandchildren are Isadora (15), Giacomo (12), and Hugo (8).

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July 30, 2019,

Health, Alzheimer's, Memory Care

The Power of Music

Neurologist Oliver Sacks famously said, “In forty years of medical practice, I have found only two types of non-pharmaceutical ‘therapy’ to be vitally important for patients with chronic neurological diseases: music and gardens.”

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July 16, 2019,

Resident Spotlight, Fieldstone Communities

Resident Spotlight: Terry & Lucille of Wenatchee Memory Care

Terry and Lucille were two of the first residents here at Wenatchee Memory Care, joining us in December 2018. After 37 years together, they still enjoy spending time with each other.

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July 02, 2019,

Aging, Senior Living, Activities

Joyful and Vibrant Fitness for Seniors

Staying Fit as You Age

Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

We all know that we need to exercise to stay healthy. And for seniors, the benefits of exercise are particularly significant. You don’t have to be a marathon runner or bodybuilder to exercise—there are many types of exercise that fit all abilities. A little bit of exercise will reward you with results beyond just toned muscles.

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June 18, 2019,

Resident Spotlight

June Resident Spotlight: Meet Vera at Fieldstone Cooper Point

Vera was one of the first residents to secure her spot here before we opened, and she was our very first resident to move in. And boy, are we glad she did! Vera has already added so much joy and love to our community. She has made some new friends and reunited with some old from her previous community. You can usually find her walking the halls or in the cafe spreading laughs and smiles with her good friend Barbara. We all look forward to seeing Vera every single day.

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June 11, 2019,

Health, Aging, Alzheimer's

Let the Sun Shine - Vitamin D and Aging

Did you know that a little sunshine each day can do more than just boost your mood? Even a few minutes of sun exposure a day can help increase your levels of vitamin D, which has been known to help fight off osteoporosis, certain types of cancer, and depression. As we age, our body’s ability to make vitamin D lessens—that’s why vitamin D deficiency is common among seniors.

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June 04, 2019,

Aging, Alzheimer's, Senior Living, Memory Care

A Father’s Day Poem

This Father’s Day, we encourage you to spend time with family and friends to celebrate dads together. Though time and age can change each of us, the things that are unshakeable are our ties to one another.

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