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September 14, 2016,


Here’s to 100: National Centenarian’s Day


Just a short time ago, it was incredibly rare to find someone who was part of the “Centenarian Club” or even close to it. But with advances in medicine as well as senior care, people are now living longer. Centenarian’s Day, held this year on September 22nd, began as a way to honor people who have lived, laughed and endured all the way to 100!

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September 01, 2016,

Health, Alzheimer's

Senior Music Therapy: The Power of Music


Music is one of the most powerful art forms that can transform your mood and bring people together. If you reflect on some of your greatest experiences, you’ll probably remember that music was also present in those moments. Although it’s common to have different preferences in music, it is rare to meet a person who dislikes music altogether!

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