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December 01, 2018
Building Self-Worth in Seniors_Fieldstone Communities

5 Ways Seniors Can Build Their Self-Worth

Significant life changes that occur as we age can change the way we feel about ourselves both physically and mentally. Although it may seem trivial, your self-worth can impact several aspects of your life, such as your confidence level, ability to make life decisions effectively, or your ability to build honest and lasting relationships.

Here are five practices that can help improve self-worth:

1. Ignore the Negative Stereotype

As a society, we have created a negative stigma around senior citizens and the idea of “aging.” We focus that stigma around the idea that all seniors are destined to be frail, forgetful, and lonely –which is of course, false! One of the most important things that society fails to recognize, is how everyone ages differently. Many factors play a role in sculpting our aging process, including where we reside, our health habits and family history.

When evaluating your self-worth, remember to focus on yourself and ignore this negative way of thinking about aging. Seniors across the world are shattering this stereotype and proving anything can be accomplished after 60 [years old] if you put your mind to it!


2. Stay Connected

Social interaction is important to everyone, no matter our age. Maintaining close relationships with friends and family help create a supportive environment which can build self-worth. It is also beneficial to connect with seniors who are going through similar life experiences. Join a support group or connect with others in the online community – being able to share and connect with like-minded people can help build self-worth by promoting a sense of inclusion.

3. Give Yourself a Goal 

Is there something that you have wanted to do, but haven’t yet? Make it happen! Setting a goal, whether it is to save money for a dream trip to Italy or signing up to compete in a sporting event, will help to create a sense of accomplishment as you work towards it. This sense of accomplishment combined with your support group will help build self-worth.

4. Do Something Nice for YourselfSelf-Care Ideas_Fieldstone Communities

A great way to works towards building self-worth is to show appreciation for yourself. Schedule a massage, get a new a haircut, or spoil yourself with that one item you’ve had your eye on. Though as we all know, money can’t buy happiness and, while a spa day can bring immediate positive feelings, you want to focus on things that will build lasting self-worth.

5. Helping a Friend 

Helping another person tends to our boost own self-worth. Something as simple as listening to a friend, making eye contact while you are conversing, and offering advice (if asked) can go a long way. Showing that you care about your friend’s well-being can help the way they feel about themselves, and make you feel good about yourself in the process!

Fieldstone Communities understands how different and diverse seniors are. We offer a variety of activities and services to create individualized experiences for all of our residents. Visit our website to learn more about Fieldstone Communities or find a community near you.


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