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April 15, 2020

What Does Exceptional Senior Caregiving Look Like?

When it comes to considering a move to a senior living setting, most families want to know that their loved ones are receiving exceptional care for their particular needs. Ensuring your peace of mind is a critical factor to a successful community-resident-family relationship. Teepa Snow, world-renowned educator and trainer of the Positive Approach to Care, asks “Can we experience the person as an amazing gem of great value, and give them the right setting and the right care so they can shine?”  Exceptional care embraces this approach and incorporates it into all levels of resident care, staff training and business practices.

Let’s dive into the 4 main points to consider when choosing a senior living community:

  1. Needs

Are the medical, social and physical needs of your loved one being met?

Exceptional care communities provide a holistic, balanced approach to daily living based on your loved one’s personal diagnosis, care level and abilities.

  1. Engagement

Is the staff engaging and connecting with the residents?

You can see in a person’s demeanor if they are passionate about the care they are providing. The joy and satisfaction they feel emanates from them. Happy employees are a great indicator that a community has happy residents. Knowing resident names, being interested in their preferences or personal history and exhibiting kindness when administering care are key aspects to an exceptional care staff.

Are residents, who can and want to be, frequently seen engaging in activities or social interactions?

The CDC reports that “4 in 5 of the most costly, chronic conditions among adults 50 years or older can be prevented or managed with physical activity.” Having a well-trained life enrichment department is critical for this to be achieved! So, ask about life enrichment training and how personalized activities, events or therapies are incorporated into their programs. An exceptional care community will provide detailed feedback about how to best serve your loved one through their life enrichment services.

  1. Building Maintenance

Is the community well maintained

An exceptional care community will address issues like carpet stains, broken fixtures and burned-out light bulbs in a swift manner.

  1. Transparency

Are you free to participate in visiting, events and other aspects of your loved one’s community life?

Great communities have a transparency about them. Families are free to visit, as long as it is safe for the residents and complies with state regulations. Bonus points are given to communities who have web-based programs that connect you to resident activities, updates and photos between visits.

Are you able to easily communicate with the staff?

When communicating any concerns you may have, an engaged staff member will take time to hear you out and address the matter in a thoughtful way. It's also important to keep in mind that there are many residents and families to be served and your patience & kindness are always appreciated. Even if some wait time is required before you are helped, you should leave the conversation feeling respected and assured that the matter at hand is being responded to appropriately and in a timely manner.

Exceptional Care involves a holistic, balanced approach. Caregivers connect with their residents and glean satisfaction from their job. You can trust that the community is maintained, well-staffed and that employees are appropriately trained. Exceptional communities exhibit transparency, are thoughtful, and leave you and your loved one feeling respected and assured that they are the right community for you!

Fieldstone offers this experience to seniors in beautiful, vibrant communities in several areas across Oregon and Washington. Please visit our about page  to discover if a Fieldstone community is right for you or your loved one’s independent living, assisted living or memory care needs.

Topics: Health, Aging, Senior Living, Caregiving

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