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January 16, 2018
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Meet Volunteer Loxi | Fieldstone OrchardWest

This month, Fieldstone OrchardWest would like to introduce you to one of our volunteers, Loxi Engebretson. Loxi was born in South Dakota but spent most of her childhood in Kentucky and Nebraska before moving with her family to Puyallup, Washington, in 1971. In 1991, she moved to Yakima where she bought a lighting company. Following that, Loxi went on to be a receptionist and courier for Memorial Physicians before retiring in 2011.

When we asked Loxi what she would consider her top three highlights from her life so far, she tells us about giving her life to Christ, moving to Washington with her family, and traveling through Italy with eight friends. She also told us about a time where she chipped a hole-in-one at the famous Lake Chelan Golf Course! When not working on her golf game or volunteering at Fieldstone OrchardWest, Loxi loves to go to parties, read, and laugh with friends and families.

Loxi chose to volunteer with the senior population because she can relate and loves all that she can learn about life from them. She attended Fieldstone OrchardWest’s open house and knew she wanted to be a part of the community because of the good atmosphere and friendly team. She’s been volunteering in our community ever since!

At Fieldstone OrchardWest, Loxi helps us prepare for parties, assists with crafts and outings, and faithfully gives weekly manicures (she LOVES that she gets to pamper the residents). However, if we ever need a hand with anything, Loxi is always there ready to help!

She is particularly good at convincing people to dance with her during any party. One of our favorite memories was this year’s Halloween party where Loxi came dressed as a ‘Bag Lady’ and gave us all a good laugh at her pun!

Loxi believes in the importance of using our God-given abilities, whether they are big or small, to bless people’s lives. She believes you don’t need to be highly-skilled in any particular area to contribute towards improving your community. Life is most enjoyable when you have a willing heart, positive attitude, and learn to laugh at yourself!

Thank you Loxi, from the bottom of our heart, for being such a positive presence at Fieldstone OrchardWest and blessing us with your caring attitude and spirit!

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