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May 15, 2018

LifeLoop: Keeping Fieldstone Residents Connected with Their Families

At Fieldstone Communities, we know how challenging and difficult it is for family members who live at a distance from their loved ones. Whether you live out of town or out of state, we know that you want to be kept up-to-date on how your parents spend their day. To help our residents and family members stay connected with one another, we have introduced LifeLoop into our communities! LifeLoop is a remarkable software program that our families are using to stay in the “loop” with their parent or loved one. It has even been featured in Seniors Housing Business, Midlands Business Journal, and Rise of the Rest.

LifeLoop was created in 2013 with the mission of improving the overall experience of residents in senior living communities. This means that the portal not only connects residents with their families, but it involves the community staff, as well. 

With the appropriate login credentials, LifeLoop allows family members to see a calendar of events and the Family Portal can show a gallery of photos of their loved one. The system can also be tailored to email the family when their parent or loved one has participated in an activity. LifeLoop shows the resident’s level of activity, which activities they participated in and how they are doing on a daily basis.

Residents can also stay actively engaged in the Resident Portal by sharing what activities they have selected to attend and messaging their family. All of the data in LifeLoop is kept on one trusted, secure platform and is HIPPA compliant.

The system also links to all of the community’s managers allowing our residents’ families to email staff about anything. If a lightbulb is out, they can email the Maintenance Director; if they have a concern about supplies, they can email the Nursing Supervisor, etc. The Executive Director of Fieldstone Memory Care Issaquah, Scott Houghton, says “I’m amazed at how valuable this program has been within our community.”

By tracking how your parent or loved one engages and participates in activities on a daily basis, you are able to notice if their daily activity changes over time. Amy Johnson, Co-Founder of LifeLoop, shared how the idea of LifeLoop grew from the transition her mom made from independent living to assisted living, and eventually, to memory care and wondering if they had been better connected with her on a daily basis, they may have seen the warning signs leading up to each transition. 

At Fieldstone Communities, we believe that every resident, their family members, and our staff play an important role in creating our joyful & vibrant communities. LifeLoop has been the perfect tool to integrate into our communities to help create and sustain connections between everyone involved in our residents’ lives. To learn more about our communities or get connected to your loved one through LifeLoop at Fieldstone, visit our website today!

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