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April 01, 2018
Leonard Mburu

Leonard Mburu | Employee Spotlight

This month we are proud to showcase Leonard Mburu in our Employee Spotlight!

Leonard has been working at Fieldstone Memory Care Issaquah as a caregiver for about two months. Leonard was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya where he lived until he immigrated to the United States in 2015. While in Kenya, Leonard studied computer science but now holds a CNA certification in the United States. If he were to return to school, he would pursue a new endeavor, like engineering.

Leonard’s wife remains back in Kenya with their two children – a 16-year-old son who is still in school, and a 21-year-old daughter who works in the media, sometimes for CNN. 

Leonard ran a curio, or trinket, shop in Nairobi where he sold keepsakes to tourists from around the world. As part of the business, he employed several craftsmen who carved figurines to sell in his shop. The Vice President of Kenya, as well as many other Kenyan government officials, were regular customers at his shop. Even the Prime Minister of China visited his shop and was so impressed with the quality of the carvings that he placed a large order and invited Leonard to open a shop in China!

In his free time, Leonard likes to visit with friends to talk about things and share ideas. One of his fondest memories was when he was invited by a business friend to enjoy a week-long stay in a beautiful hotel in New York City.

When asked to describe himself, Leonard said: “I’m a very simple man, and I like my friends but love my work.” Leonard’s favorite part about being a caregiver at Fieldstone Memory Care Issaquah is the satisfaction of assisting the residents. He likes the Fieldstone Communities management team and, as a former business owner, is inspired by the way Fieldstone has made the Issaquah community into a great home for residents, as well as providing opportunities for employees to excel. 

We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication Leonard brings to his job every day and are happy we can share his story with you!

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