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June 18, 2019

June Resident Spotlight: Meet Vera at Fieldstone Cooper Point

Vera was one of the first residents to secure her spot here before we opened, and she was our very first resident to move in. And boy, are we glad she did! Vera has already added so much joy and love to our community. She has made some new friends and reunited with some old from her previous community. You can usually find her walking the halls or in the cafe spreading laughs and smiles with her good friend Barbara. We all look forward to seeing Vera every single day.

Vera grew up on her family’s ranch in Onalaska, Washington. She spent a lot of time helping her family out and took up side jobs like picking blueberries to sell to the local cannery and fern picking to earn her own money for school clothes.

Vera was very close with her father and learned a lot from him. He was a very hard worker and Vera really admired that about him. She still lives by some of the advice her dad shared with her. He told her, "Always try something three times on your own before you ask for help" and, "As long as you keep smiling, you'll make it." Vera shared that at one point in her life, she was told that she would never have babies. She was pregnant with her first child 10 months later, and ended up having 3 more children. Her own advice to add to her father’s, "Don't ever let anybody tell you that you cannot do something, because you usually can."

Vera has been on over 20 cruises in her life and absolutely loves the ocean. She described Fieldstone saying, "This is like my cruise ship." If you ever come visit Cooper Point, you can’t miss Vera. She is always dressed in the most beautiful attire, matching from head-to-toe with lots of sparkles and jewelry to accent every outfit.

Vera is very passionate about gardening and has already filled one raised flowerbed full of gorgeous flowers and is getting ready to start filling up a second box soon. All of the residents and staff cannot believe how beautiful Vera's creations are. Vera is a beauty inside and out, and we’re proud to shine a light on her. Thank you, Vera! You truly make Fieldstone a joyful and vibrant place to live.

Vera's Garden



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