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August 09, 2016

How To Celebrate the Seniors in Your Life


Save the date for August 21st and make plans to celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day! Back in 1988, Ronald Reagan officiated this day as a way to honor and recognize our nation’s seniors. Since then, this day has been deemed an official way to recognize this generation’s lifetime of achievements, sacrifices, and contributions they have made to their communities, families, and country. Although every day is a reason to acknowledge the seniors in your lives, think ahead and do something special on August 21st to go above and beyond for these special individuals. If you’re looking for something to do, jump online and check out your local and favorite hot spots to see if they are coordinating an activity and offering special senior discounts. Check in with friends and other family members and consider planning a group activity. 

If getting out and about isn’t an option, we’ve also included a few easy, yet meaningful “gift” ideas that are sure to make seniors feel loved and important:

  • The gift of time – Spend time with a special senior in their home. Bring along their favorite goodie or a low maintenance house plant to brighten their day. While meaningful conversation is an excellent way to spend time, you can also look through photo albums and keepsakes. Revisiting fond memories from their life can bring moments of happiness and joy and deepen your relationship. We all get busy and caught up in our lives, so spending quality time with someone on Senior Citizen’s Day will communicate their importance!
  • The gift of service Look for ways to help your friends and family members. If they live alone or have trouble completing household tasks, offer to complete a home maintenance type chore. If you have children, bring them along and have them play a game or do a puzzle with your senior while you help out around the house.
  • The gift of recognition – If your special senior doesn’t live nearby, sit down and handwrite a note and mail in time for it to arrive just before National Senior Citizen’s Day. And on the 21st, make time to pick up the phone and call. In this day and age of electronic communication, remember this is a generation that values the sound of someone’s voice and a handwritten note or card!

Whether they are family or friends, this generation of seniors helped shape you into who you are today with their wisdom, stories, and experiences. Each is unique and special and deserve to be celebrated today and every day!

We want to know how you are planning to celebrate your loved ones on National Senior Citizen’s Day and every day of the year! Visit the Fieldstone Senior Living Facebook page and leave us a comment sharing a picture or a story of your favorite way of honoring those around you. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FieldstoneCelebratesSeniors to connect with others in your area and to share ideas!


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