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September 14, 2016
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Here’s to 100: National Centenarian’s Day


Just a short time ago, it was incredibly rare to find someone who was part of the “Centenarian Club” or even close to it. But with advances in medicine as well as senior care, people are now living longer. Centenarian’s Day, held this year on September 22nd, began as a way to honor people who have lived, laughed and endured all the way to 100!

According to census.gov: in 2010, there were 53,000 Americans at or over the age of 100. This number has increased drastically from 32,000 in 1980, and it’s estimated that as high as 83% of these centenarians are women.

            Take a moment to appreciate what each of the world’s centenarian’s have seen in their lifetime. Someone who joined the centenarian club in 2016 would have been born in 1916 and lived through many major historical events.

Here are some facts about 1916 to put the year into perspective:

  • A loaf of bread cost $.07
  • The light switch was invented
  • The average price of a car was $400
  • The world was in the midst of World War I
  • Only 6% of Americans had graduated from high school
  • Only 8% of U.S. households had telephones

Fieldstone Grandridge is lucky enough to have a centenarian of our own, Mildred! Mildred is 102 years young, and credits her family’s genes as the reason for her long life. While she was born in Indiana, she lived most of her life in Pomona, California working at the Fox Theater and then as a dental assistant. Mildred is a very special lady and someone we enjoy immensely!

 If you are fortunate to have a centenarian in your life or know someone who will be one soon, take a moment to spend some quality time with him or her on Thursday, September 22nd. Listen to their stories, their advice and realize what a gift it is to know them. Like all seniors, their voices and experiences are to be cherished and appreciated.

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