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April 30, 2019

Celebrating Mother’s Day at a Distance

If you and your mother don’t live in the same city, it can be challenging to celebrate Mother’s Day and honor her in the way you’d like to. Here are some ideas to make it a special day, even if you can’t be together.


An age-old gesture, sending flowers is a wonderful way to brighten your mother’s home and show you care. Better yet, if she has a green thumb, send plants she can continue to tend to and think of you.


Send a curated photo album of old and new photos. It will delight her to see photos she hasn’t seen in a long time or photos she has never seen before. Frame a picture that is especially precious. Take the time to include a note about the stories behind the photos and the significance they have to you.


The art of letter writing is still alive. You do not have to be a master poet or novelist—simply share your heart. Share some memories of your life with her as a child. Describe joyful times and your fondest memories. Share times you felt her support during a difficult time. Think of times you were proud of her and times you felt proud of yourself. Think of times you all laughed together and recall the little things. A pet’s antics, the squeaky screen door, a prom dress…oftentimes, it is the smallest details that warm our hearts the most.

Phone or Video Call

Pick up the phone and tell her Happy Mother’s Day and what your favorite traits of hers are. Tell her what values of hers you kept for yourself and try to live out each day. With FaceTime, Skype, and other video call options, you two can see each other’s faces—it really makes all the difference in how close we feel.


Make a special collection of songs from her past—songs from her youth and from your life with her as you grew up. If you aren’t sure about her favorite song, include a selection of popular songs from her childhood and ask her about that time in her life. You can even call her to listen, sing along, and dance together. Include notes sharing your memories of each song and why it’s special to the family.

Plan Ahead

Pick a time when you can visit her or she can visit you. Make a homemade coupon for airline tickets that she can “cash in,” or tell her when you hope to visit her next. Offer specific dates so she can really look forward to it.

Start planning now what you’ll do for your mother this Mother’s Day. With a little imagination, some reflection on your relationship, and the good old USPS, Mother’s Day can be unique, memorable, and a real cause for celebration.

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